Piano Lessons in NW Calgary

I offer piano instruction in traditional classical repertoire and popular method of playing piano by ear. I can prepare students for Royal Conservatory of Music exams, festivals and recitals.  Traditional piano lessons have an emphasis on piano technique and ear training, notation and general musicianship. I am located near the NW Calgary communities of Hanson Ranch, Hidden Valley, Hamptons, Kincora, Evanston, Sage Hill, Nolan Hill.

Current Availability  (September 2014)

I am presently seeking new students, from 6 years of age through to adult.  I teach all levels, beginner through advanced, all grades, Royal Conservatory, Conservatory Canada.  I also offer piano lessons in French.

Method / Approach

Generally, most people are interested in either of two approaches:  classical-traditional or popular-playing by ear.  If you have long-term goals in music (and have the patience), the classical-traditional approach will see slower gains in the beginning but the end result will be a more accomplished pianist with a complete piano technique and development of musicianship.  For those who are not sure of their goals in music, who might simply be curious to discover what talent they might have, the more casual approach to playing piano by popular method might be more attractive. A few lessons in chording with some understanding of basic harmony and picking out a familiar tune on the keyboard can be a quick path to reasonable satisfaction.  There is no problem to switch between methods or changing your goals.  Many teachers have the philosophy that even students who are enduring the rigors of the classical, technical regime, would hopefully have the ultimate goal of making music for enjoyment, for the personal, emotional satisfaction that it brings.  Whatever your music goals might be, I can help you get there.

Traditional-classical piano lessons are done privately; beginner theory lessons (rudiments) can be done privately or in a small group setting (depending on other students' needs).  Popular method or playing-piano-by-ear method are always done privately (one student, an individual lesson).  Typically, lessons are 30 minutes * and occur once per week (usually 4 lessons per month). See the FEES page for rates on 45 minute or 1 hour lessons.  Preparation for conservatory piano exams also requires co-requisite theory lessons; this usually begins around grades 6 to 8 and theory lessons are scheduled as a separate lesson from piano.  Piano and theory can also be combined into a single longer lesson such that students would not have to make a second weekly trip to my studio. Lessons are taught in my in-home studio in NW Calgary.

* Are 30 minute music lessons ok? (by Robert Estrin)

I have been following Robert Estrin for a few years now. He is a piano expert on many fronts:  concert pianist (so is his father), piano teacher, plus he is knowledgeable on so many other aspects of the piano business like buying/selling, the manufacturing process of all the great piano companies of the world.  Robert Estrin shares his advice on so many aspects of piano (learning, performance, purchasing) and his tips on playing and performance are pedagogically sound, based on fact and experience (not simply flavour of the day opinion). I admire and respect Robert Estrin and continue to learn from him so I encourage anyone, particularly my students, to view his many videos on YouTube. Here are some important links to Robert Estrin:



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