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The rationale for setting fees is based on an average of current fees for private music instruction (a sample and comparison of other studios) and my value of my time.

Lesson Duration & Fees
(Rates effective Sept 2013 - June 2014)

a)      30 minute lessons $900 annually, payable $90 monthly, payable at the 1st lesson of each month.

b)      45 minute lessons $1350 annually, payable $135 monthly, payable at the 1st lesson of each month.

c)      60 minute lessons $1800 annually, payable $180 monthly, payable at the 1st lesson of each month.

The base fee rate is $50.00 per hour ($25 for a 30 minute lesson;  $37.50 for a 45 minute lesson). Annual tuition is calculated by multiplying the hourly rate by 36 lessons.  Monthly tuition is calculated by dividing the annual tuition into 10 equal payments. The year is comprised of 36 lessons from September to June. See the calendar for the exact dates of all 36 lessons.


Grade Recommended Duration
1 30 min
2 30 min
3 30 min
4 30 or 45 min
5 45 min
6 45 min or 1 hour
7 45 min but usually 1 hour
8 1 hour
9 1 hour
10 1 hour +

Lesson durations indicated above are approximate to the grade level; the duration also needs to take into account the student's ability, interest, and music goals.  Students who pursue a traditional classical course of study will have several components covered in each lesson:  piano technique, aural training, sight reading, rhythm exercises, performance of pieces.

Typically, beginners to grade 4 have one 30-minute lesson per week.  Grades 5 & 6 could be either 30 minutes or 45 minutes lesson per week. Grades 8 and 9 are often 1 hour lessons, grade 10 and Associateship anywhere from 1 hour to 2 hours.  Most students will have 4 lessons per month.  Depending on which day of the week the lesson occurs, some months will have only 3 lessons while other months will have 5 lessons.  The same monthly fee is expected to be paid each month as the number of lessons is averaged over the year.  From September to June, there are usually 36 lessons. Please see the policy page for complete details on payment of fees.

Aug 2013

Here is a video that sheds some truth about what the optimal lesson duration might be:

Are 30 minute music lessons ok? (by Robert Estrin)

I have been following Robert Estrin for a few years now. He is a piano expert on many fronts:  concert pianist (so is his father), piano teacher, plus he is knowledgeable on so many other aspects of the piano business like buying/selling, the manufacturing process of all the great piano companies of the world.  Robert Estrin shares his advice on so many aspects of piano (learning, performance, purchasing) and his tips on playing and performance are pedagogically sound, based on fact and experience (not simply flavour of the day opinion). I admire and respect Robert Estrin and continue to learn from him so I encourage anyone, particularly my students, to view his many videos on YouTube. Here are some important links to Robert Estrin:




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